Saturday, November 17, 2007

Conspiracy time

When I made the upgrade to HD TV, one of my main motivations was to watch the Senators in high definition. Seems simple enough. Almost a week since I got the HD box, I have yet been unable to do so.

First off, I was supposed to get the box last Saturday, sometime around noon. The game started at 3 o'clock, so I had lots of time to get it set up and running before the faceoff. Instead, the entire computer system was down, and I couldn't get the box until the next day. So I watched the game in standard definition.

Next game was on Thursday. I eagerly popped open the guide to see whther I needed to tune in HD TSN or HD Sportsnet, and was dismayed to find the game on neither. This was one of the nights when the only channel showing the game is A Channel, some local crap that's only in standard definition.

I figured this Saturday would be the time. I'd finally get to use the tv for one of the main purposes I bought it for. Instead, everybody who could agree on a time and place chose Saturday at 7:40 to go see Beowulf. So I'm missing yet another game.

Curious to see what'll happen for the game after this.


At 9:28 a.m., Blogger Kevin said...

Dude, don't rely on it for sports in HD. Just keep on Guitar Hero'ing, and you'll be set.


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