Thursday, August 30, 2007

Get off my lawn!

Hi everybody (or nobody, as the case may be).

So yeah, been slacking on the old blog. Again. This should not surprise you. Haven't had a whole lot of gumption the past little while. Not a whole lot of motivation or inspiration either. It's sad, since I used to post on this thing like every day. Mostly tedious crap, but hey, it was something.

However, rather than get into another "hey look I'm posting again omg but not for long because I'll forget or something" post, I'll talk about something. Something other than blogging, and my lack thereof.

But first, I'll talk about blogging. Oh snap!

For a while now I've been thinking of jumping ship here and getting a new blog. Something a little cleaner, more streamlined. Not so blocky and bulky as Blogger tends to be. However, I'm not sure where to go. Kev moved over to Wordpress and seems to be having an alright time of it. But I'm unsure.

For a while now I've been a contributer to a Guild Wars blog using Wordpress, which you can find here: Link. I've had some troubles with paragraphs refusing to word wrap, but it seems that nobody else on the internet has that problem, ever. I'm all alone.

Haven't looked into the others so much, but what I have seen hasn't really appealed to me. Stay tuned!

Away from blogging, I've been playing some more tabletop games. I recently joined a Dungeons and Dragons campaign (I'm a gnomish druid with a bear for a pet), and Steve just got me interested in Mordheim. I figure most people know about D&D, but Mordheim is a little more obscure. I assume.

This explanation will be easier if you know anything about Warhammer, since the games are similar. When thinking of Warhammer, I'm reminded of the immortal words of Dave Boehmer: "Have you ever played Warhammer? Don't play Warhammer. Strange people play Warhammer."

Anyway, Mordheim is like Warhammer, except instea dof being set 40,000 years in the future, you're in the past. Aliens are replaced with demons (who are playable), but overall the playable races are the same. You've got the boring humans, the bloodthirsty orcs, and the annoyingly-hard-to-kill dwarves. In addition you have my guys, the Cult of the Possessed, who are essentially boring humans infused with awesome demonic powers and horrific mutations.

How it works, you have an army that you put together. You have your heroes and your cannon fodder henchmen. All of whom cost you money to recruit and equip. And who will most likely die in the upcoming fight. Not very good prospects for the armies of Mordheim. Anyway, your army is repesented by minitaures (lovingly referred to as "models"), which you can buy at any Games Workshop location (I haven't bought any and just borrowed Steve's D&D miniatures instead). I assume they're expensive and you have to put them together and paint them yourself (assuming they're like Warhammer models).

Anyway, you take your army and place them in some terrain with other armies. The terrain (also available at any Games Workshop location) ranges from destroyed buildings to piles of rubble, which you and your enemies/allies arrange into a battlefield. Strategy begins here, because you can build the town to match your goals and opponents. Fighting an army with archers? Build yourself some cover. Fighting an army with a spellcaster you doesn't need to see you? Make some nice open areas and charge him asap.

Luckily you can use just about anything as terrain, and even build your own. Seb has some building made of styrofoam, which we used in the big 7-man game we played on Tuesday. The forces of good: dwarves, boring humans, and barbarians (represented by the 3 people who have experience playing the game) against the collected forces of evil (and Eric): orcs, undead, Possessed, and other barbarians who aren't technically evil but Eric wanted to be on the evil side so we let him (represented by the 4 guys who had very limited experience playing the game).

Battles were fought, a random occurance made the whole battlefield get foggy (which helped us because they had a lot of archers on the other side), one of my mutants used his awesome scorpion tail to kill Seb's leader, and my army got routed and had to retreat near the end (if you lose 25% of your forces, you have to roll some dice to see if your remaining men have the fortitude to stand their ground. Mine didn't.)

I had to go home and go to bed before the other guys resolved the game, but our undead player had just finished off the monster we had all been trying to kill, so it was looking good for the bad guys.

So yeah, Mordheim. Good stuff.