Thursday, October 11, 2007

A miracle of planning

So, here it is, 11pm on a Thursday. Tomorrow night I'm going straight from work to Kingston for Homecoming. I have yet to start packing.

I did, however, have time to re-read every post I've ever written on this blog. Which, incidentally, has now been around for 3 years (actually 3 years and a week). I just realized that, so I don't have anything major planned for it.

Still, 3 years. Wow. Guess I'll celebreate by placing clothes in a bag.

Now that's annoying

I hate it when things I normally buy go on sale. As weird as that sounds, it's true. Not that I don't like saving money, mind you, but there's a very serious issue here.

When something's on sale, conventional wisdom says you will sell more of it. That's all well and good. However, the increased demand menas that those of us who can't get to the store before 5:30 get there too late to partake in the sale. Or to buy the item we wanted.

The vultures pick the shelf clean.

This week it was the bagels I usually buy. I like the cinnamon raisin ones, and judging by the gaping hole in the shelf, so do a lot of other people. Especially at 2 packages for $5. I had to buy sesame bagels instead. They're inferior in every possible way, except possibly at being covered with sesame seeds.

I can try imagining the sesame seeds are raisins, but it'll be a bit tough.

I also managed to buy light peanut butter by accident, so the trip to the grocery store was disappointing at every turn. If you're going to colour-code the jars so you know at a glance what kind of peanut butter you're getting, why wouldn't you have a different shade for the light stuff. Not every store stocks the jars with the labels at eye level (my store has them on the bottom shelf), so a lot of the time people are identifying the product solely by the lid.

Given that this store seemingly has a vendetta against anything made with peanut butter, I guess I should be glad I got any at all.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Heat season is officially over

I just pulled out my air conditioner. After two previous attempts saw the temperature skyrocket as I was defrosting the innards (you have to run the fan for 24 hours to clear out all the condensation on the inside), I finally got a run of cold, miserable days during which there was no possible way the temperature could climb.

So here I sit, in a quiet room for the first time in a while. It hasn't started to get hot yet (as I assumed it would, instantly), but I have the window open a crack just for that very purpose.

Homecoming is this weekend, and I'm going. I wasn't going to, but I decided rather randomly that I would, and then found out that Kevin, Wonnacott, Boehmer, and I will be sharing Kevin's apartment. Oh man. It's gonna be a Bands room all over again. Luckily we've got two walls between us and Kev's snoring. What we would have given to have that back in the day...

We would have possibly given Boehmer a punch in the spine, but we're kind of dicks that way.

Haven't decided if I'm going to get ridiculous at the Ports on Saturday. Might make a judgement call. Depends on what other people are doing, I suppose. It might wind up being a repeat of 3rd and 4th years, where I get plastered, Boehmer has 2 beers, and then we walk home together. Difference is, instead of me going home to pass out and him going to rez to be responsible, we'll only have Kev's place to go to. And possibly play Guitar Hero.

I will then proceed to rock Freebird on medium.