Monday, December 10, 2007

Well played, Mozilla

Well, I finally got sick of that weirdo page rendering bug I was having with Opera. It happened randomly, and when going to a new page, the old page wouldn't get cleared first. The new page would render under the old page, and to see the new one I'd have to scroll down and then back up to refresh the screen. It just started happening, and I didn't have the patience to fix it.

So I went wandering onto google to see what the latest news with Firefox was. People who know me know I've tried and hated the browser in the past. I was expecting a similarly disappointing foray, but hey, I'm always open to new things.

Turns out there's a new version (I assume it's new). By default, links open in new tabs, tabs have Close buttons on them, passwords get remembered, and there's an integrated Google search right on the main toolbar.

Something Opera has had for several releases, but they're new defaults for Firefox users, I guess. And, more importantly, they fix just about everything I hated about the older Firefox versions.

I've had the new Firefox installed for a couple minutes now, and I've already managed to import my Opera bookmarks (which failed miserably last time I tried a Firefox). Haven't gone looking for add-ins yet, because I'm not sure if the page rendering thing was an Opera problem or a memory leak somewhere else. If I go a couple days render problem-free, well, I might do the unthinkable and move away from my beloved.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

This is an outrage!

I just got an email that's made my blood boil. I don't like when my blood boils. It's hot and bubbly, and no good can come of it.

They're raising my domain registry rate.

Instead of $5.99, it'll be $6.99.

Is this blog really worth 7 bucks a year? I know it's worth it to keep my email address, though, so I guess I'll just pay the extra dollar.

Now to find out where the expression "makes my blood boil" came from, cause that's a fairly nasty idea.