Saturday, May 13, 2006

Duck and cover

Tonight is game 5 of the Ottawa/Buffalo series. If you're American or have been living under a rock, Buffalo is leading the series 3-1 and the Senators are fighting for their lives. They won the last game to stave off elimination, and in doing so they looked the best they have in this series.

I think it was a turning point. They've started to wake up and realize that they're the goddamn Ottawa Senators and there's no way some crappy team from Buffalo is going to beat them (this year).

In the past, they may have gotten complacent at this point. I think this year's different, that they're about to get angry, and make the Sabres pay for their transgressions.

They have awoken a sleeping giant.

For those who believe, keep doing it. For those who don't, I have nothing to say to you.


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